Dove - 6776 Go Fresh Pomegranate (free 100ml), Shower Cream, 500ml

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Are you in constant search of lightness and lightness? The best antiperspirants against sweating should give a feeling of confidence and provide skin care with each application. Antiperspirant spray Dove Go Fresh Awakening not only provides protection from perspiration for 48 hours, but also has an invigorating aroma of pomegranate and lemon verbena, so you can smell great and keep feeling dry at the same time. Deodorant female aerosol and male does not contain ethyl alcohol, does not cause irritation. The remedy for armpit sweat and odor on the face consists of a moisturizer for softer and smoother skin. The formula of Dove Antiperspirant helps the skin of the armpits to recover after shaving after three days of application. Instructions for use: Shake the dezik thoroughly. Spray 2-3 seconds on clean and dry armpit skin from a distance of 15 cm from the body. Dove antiperspirants are not just protection, they are also taking care of you. An unsurpassed combination, try it yourself!