Dentaid Xeros Apple - Mint, Mouthwash, 500ml

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Rinses are the perfect addition to your daily oral care routine. Sometimes they can do things that toothpaste can't do right away. Dentaid Xeros dry mouth rinse is worth ordering when thorough moisturizing is needed. The tool will allow you to forget about dryness and discomfort. Among the indications of the remedy there are wellness. Properly selected composition provides the gums with excellent protection, and also strengthens them. Teeth become less sensitive, making it easier to lead a more varied lifestyle. Xylitol and potassium salts are successfully involved in this. Thanks to them, the enamel is protected and can resist caries. The active ingredients are an excellent barrier against harmful bacteria. These components are responsible for creating the necessary microflora in the oral cavity. With their help, teeth and gums will feel much better and will be able to resist many diseases.