Panthenol and marine collagen intensively moisturize and prevent the subsequent loss of moisture.

WATER Artesian drinking water is used for all products of ILONA LUNDEN, that complies with GOST R 55684-2013 “Drinking water”. Water passes through 4 stages of purification: deironing, softening, decontamination and reverse osmosis.

MARINE COLLAGEN maintains a normal level of hair moisture; increases the elasticity and strength of the hair shaft; helps to restore hair texture and reduce electrified.

VITAMIN C actively participates in the process of blood supply, in particular, it supports the work of capillaries.

VITAMIN B3 It is an excellent prevention of early gray hair, as it is responsible for the formation of pigment.

VITAMIN B6 eliminates itchy scalp and is an excellent prevention of dandruff.

JOJOBA OIL instantly absorbed and accumulated inside the bulb and hair, intensively restoring and not leaving a greasy luster. Smoothes the cuticle, making the hair incredibly docile and shiny.

SWEET ALMOND OIL softens and nourishes hair and scalp, relieves itching. In the cold season it protects hair from dry indoor air, and in summer from sun rays and sea salt.

AMODIMETICON fills the damaged areas of the hair and prevents fragility.

VITAMIN B5 perfectly strengthens the roots and stimulates the growth of sleeping hair.

VITAMIN E strengthens and moisturizes the hair. Restores damaged and dried areas, prevents their fragility and enhances shine.

MACADAMIA OIL eliminates damage to the root, strengthens and restores depleted hair.

GLYCEROL instantly makes hair more shiny.


After using ILONA LUNDEN shampoo suitable for your scalp type, apply a balm mask to all length, stepping back from the scalp 5 cm. Soak for 10-15 minutes (as a balm) or 40 minutes (as a mask).
Natural balms are absorbed very quickly, and noticing this, do not think that it is enough just to rinse your head, they require very thorough washing. You will notice the results from the application right away: the hair in your eyes willchange, become stronger and shinier.
(!) Once again we want to note that the balm should be very thoroughly washed off, otherwise the nutritional ingredients will continue to work to restore and strengthen the hair, and this too intensive replenishment may temporarily deprive you of the desired volume at the roots.
Balm mask prevents the occurrence of static electric charge on the hair.