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Jointtec capsules tonic the body, strengthen bones, joints, and cartilage. The remedy contains ginger and Vitamin C that take part both in the immune system restoration and pain relief. However, the basis of the food supplement is Boswellia extract, which helps maintain bone strength. Type II Collagen and Vitamin D3 reduce inflammation; Vitamin D3 is also useful for treating different hormonal disorders and poor blood clotting. Jointtec plays a central role in the activation of proteins and the prevention of serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc. Molybdenum is necessary for nucleic acid metabolism and carbohydrate oxidation.


Boswellia extract has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, anthelmintic, diuretic, wound healing properties. Order Jointtec, the effective remedy for reducing joint inflammation at the ePharmacy; the best price on medicines in Cyprus is guaranteed. Take 2 caps daily with boiled water. Consult your doctor during pregnancy and nursing. Jointtec is not allowed in the case of being allergic to certain components.


Ingredients list:

  • boswellia extract;

  • ginger extract;

  • Vitamin C;

  • type II Collagen;

  • Vitamin D3;

  • Vitamin K2;

  • molybdenum;

  • copper;

  • manganese.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Involved in the maintenance of the bone tissue. Vitamin D3 strengthens tissues.

  2. Contains Vitamin C for strengthening immunity. Jointtec has a complex effect on the body.

  3. Useful for women’s health. The remedy promotes the production of female hormones

  4. Provides quick effect. You will feel relief in your joints in a matter of days.


Jointtec is a safe food supplement, even in a case of prolonged use, which does not give side effects. According to numerous studies, Jointtec is more effective and less toxic than standard pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of joint diseases. Besides, it improves blood supply to joints and strengthens blood vessels, which is important in arthritis. Buy Jointtec in a few clicks with the help of ePharmaCY, Cyprus. You will enjoy the quality of the service.