For this breakfast, the exquisite tartness of dark chocolate and the faint sweetness of hazelnuts and dates are combined with the benefits of unique buckwheat. The finest grated cocoa beans will add depth to the chocolatey nut delight and fill your morning with tranquillity and confidence.



Ingredients: barley flakes, buckwheat bitter chocolate (cocoa beans, nerefiniro-bath cane sugar, cocoa butter, Tatar buckwheat seeds, natural emulsifier - sunflower lecithin), olive oil unrefined (Extra virgin olive oil), oatmeal, cane sugar, wheat flakes, hazelnut kernel, hazelnut flour, flax, dried banana, cocoa beans.


The nutritional value
Energy values
426.2 kcal / 1783.6 kJ.

ALLERGIES, be careful!
Nuts and/or traces of nuts are present in our chocolates.
Even small amounts of nuts in an originally nut-free chocolate can cause allergic reactions like an anaphylactic shock.
Ingredients that contain allergens are often added to chocolate.
For instance, milk and white chocolate contain milk powder which can be a cause of allergies.
The use of soy lecithin in chocolate can also be problematic to people with soy allergies.
Other examples of allergens that are sometimes added to chocolate are peanuts, nuts, berries and wheat.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that people suffering from allergies, do not take chances. 

Nature’s Own Factory chocolates do contain various types of nuts or nuts traces. 

In some cases, it is possible that traces of allergens may be present in a chocolate product even when they are not used as an ingredient.
This could happen when a chocolate is produced using equipment that is also used to produce products that contain allergens. This is called ‘allergen cross-contamination’.
ePharmaCY LTD is not a manufacturer, but an official importer and distributor, we take no responsibility regarding any consequences for allergic people, so we advise do not to purchase our chocolates if you are allergic to any nuts (or other relevant allergies). 

In case of any doubt, it is strongly recommended that anybody suffering from an allergy contact the food manufacturer for further information.