Botanical Harmony Paba food supplement is necessary for boosting the body’s natural defenses. It is proven that human health depends on the lack of para-aminobenzoic acid. The bioactive organic compound takes part in many biochemical reactions. The necessary amount of the mentioned element contributes to hair growth, strengthening nails, increasing mental and physical performance. Botanical Harmony Pab also contributes to the folic acid creation. Para-aminobenzoic acid indirectly strengthens the body's defenses. Interferons are fully produced so that the immune system protects the body from the invasion of foreign proteins.


Botanical Harmony Paba food supplement is essential for your body and may be ordered at the ePharmaCY medical store. Take a capsule a day or as prescribed by your doctor. It is not recommended to exceed the recommended dosage. Botanical Harmony Paba capsules should not be used instead of a balanced diet. Keep out of children.


Ingredients list:

  • para-aminobenzoiс acid;

  • stearic acid;

  • silicon dioxide;

  • magnesium stearate.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Prevention of human cell destruction by free radicals.

  2. Regulating the endocrine system, including thyroid activity.

  3. Participation in the production of the melanin pigment, which prevents the formation of benign and malignant tumors.

  4. Increasing the body's immunity to toxic substances.

  5. Decreasing blood viscosity, that is an excellent prevention of thrombus formation.


Botanical Harmony Paba capsules are useful for pregnant: it reduces the risk of fetus congenital malformations. The remedy is recommended for taking in the first trimester of pregnancy since at this time the embryo neural tube is formed, the precursor to spinal cord and brain. This food supplement is also useful for men: for increasing the amount of motile sperm in the ejaculate. Botanical Harmony Paba is always available in Cyprus in the ePharmaCY medical store. We will be glad to see you there!