Beauty Formulas

B/f Charcoal Peel-off Mask (10+3)gr, Face Mask x (10+3)gr

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PEEL OFF mask-film for super effective cleansing, elimination of blackheads and minimization of pores based on bamboo charcoal, minerals, plant extracts, esters and jojoba alcohols.
• The effect of "non-invasive" skin cleansing.
• The film formed after drying of the mask provides a peeling effect, eliminates the effect of "blockage" of pores, removes comedones and black dots.
• Draws out toxins and impurities that can cause acne and blackheads.
• Helps fight inflammation and eliminates post-inflammatory defects.
• Reduces the oiliness of the skin and minimizes the size of the pores.
The mask perfectly cleanses the skin, has an astringent effect and normalizes its PH balance. It is a powerful prevention of ACNE exacerbation and contributes to the normalization of the barrier functions of the skin prone to inflammation.