Avene Duo Fluid Teint 50+, Cream x 2x50ml

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Fluid with a very high degree of protection for normal and mixed sensitive facial skin:1.The texture of "Nude Skin Feel" is not felt on the skin, it is absorbed instantly and gives comfort.2.Patented Sunsitive protection complex of sun filters: the optimal number of filters to ensure maximum protection from UVB-UVA rays.3. Antioxidant complex (Pretocoferyl + Thialidine) to protect skin cells from free radicals. Thialidine acts instantly, and Pretocoferil provides a prolonged antioxidant effect due to the gradual release of vitamin E.4.Aven thermal water soothes, relieves irritation and softens the skin.5. Soft, silky texture.6.biodegradable formula.7.Bottle with airless dispenser pump: convenient and practical use, easy to dose the right amount of product.8.Very water resistant. Photostable.9. fragrance-free.10.The light delicate texture is evenly applied to the skin, evens out the skin tone and gives radiance.