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Avanti Powder Free / Latex Free Nitrile Examinatio, Gloves, 100 x m/s

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100 count disposable smooth latex gloves are non-sterile and powder free. They have special elasticity to make them easy to wear and comfortable to wear. You get better sensitivity in the fingertips for faster, more accurate and fulfilling results. These are widely used for medical examination, industry, all kinds of manufacturing, chemical production and electronic assembly. Many people buy them for home use. They are ideal for cleaning, hair dying, exfoliating and other dirty jobs. They are pretty helpful to keep hands free from dangerous pathogens and diseases. Carry to shopping, travel when in groups or when handing over objects used by others. Keep a pack in the car when needed. This is the improved safety you and your family need during these challenging times. Gloves fit either hand and come in several sizes to fit men, women and a few children. Product features: High quality disposable smooth latex gloves big 100 count of individual gloves that fit them either by hand cleaning, personal safety 100% money back guarantee that this quickly becomes your favourite purchase without risk. Many customers support multiple bulk packs. Get yours while we have a fresh shipment in stock. This great value sells quickly. It makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family and colleagues who enjoy disposable gloves.