Apivita Bilberry Brightening, Face Scrub x 50ml

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Apivita Express Beauty Face Scrub Bilberry Brightening (Apivita Express Beauty Scrub with Blueberries, improving the complexion) for all skin types, including sensitive.
A pleasant-to-use product with a light gel texture Apivita Express Beauty Face Scrub Bilberry contains 90% natural ingredients, an infusion of rosehip rich in vitamins and antioxidants is used as a water base.
The high cleansing, brightening and leveling ability of the Apivita blueberry scrub is provided by peeling granules from jojoba wax, the smallest scrubbing particles from almond shells and a complex of fruit acids. Honey, olive and almond oil soften, nourish and moisturize the skin, lavender essential oil relieves irritation.
With regular use of the product, the color improves, the tone and microrelief of the face are leveled, healthy radiance is restored.