Api Radiance+lifting Serum Set 15ml

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APIVITA Bee Radiant Serum Anti-Aging & Shine - 30ml

Serum anti-aging and glow with orange stem and vitamin C, thanks to the enhanced formula replenishes energy and enhances the vitality of skin cells.

The orange stem cells prevent and reduce wrinkles while restoring the natural shine and brightness of the skin.
Vitamin C ensures uniform color tone by reducing the intensity of discoloration and preventing their formation.
Bilberry acts as a natural bleaching agent, radiance and stimulates cell renewal.
To Q10 replenishes the cells oxygen tanks maintaining their vitality.

The very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides hydration up to the deeper layers of the skin and helps maintain the skin's density of binding and stabilizing the water supply to the skin.
To lycopene, pomegranate oil and olive polyphenols help to maintain the proper functioning of cells, giving a healthy look to the skin.
The patented propolis extract has antioxidant activity, protects against oxidative stress and environmental attack.
100% organic essential oils of rose, grapefruit, green mandarin and sanguine invigorate, improve mood and reduce tension.
The APIVITA replaces water in BEE RADIANT SERUM with infusion of wild rose fruits of Nymfaio Florina, for strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.