Api Queen Bee Holistic Anti Age Serum 30ml

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APIVITA Queen Bee Holistic Age Defense Serum is a high performance serum that helps combat multiple signs of aging. Made from royal jelly, often termed "nature's most complete food", this formula pampers and nourishes aging skin from the inside out. In order to carry this star ingredient into the deepest layers of the skin, APIVITA has coated it in phospholipids, then encapsulated it in liposomes, which serve as small vehicles for the amino acids, vitamins, sugars and fatty acids present in royal jelly. It is this unique combination of naturally nourishing actives and high tech formulation that lends this serum its effectiveness; it helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, all the while restoring density and elasticity to the areas of the face that need it the most, such as the neck and jawline.


  • Texture: serum;
  • Skin issues: wrinkles and fine lines, loss of density and firmness, dullness and loss of radiance, uneven skin tone;
  • Time of application: morning and/or evening;
  • Age: 40+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, restores elasticity to the skin, redesigns and re-firms the facial contours, prevents and protects against oxidative stress, speeds up skin regeneration, 95% natural ingredients;
  • Formulated without: mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, silicones.

Main Ingredients

  • Greek royal jelly speeds up skin regeneration, restores elasticity to the skin, and helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. For the purpose of this formula, royal jelly has been encapsulated in liposomes; this allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin, thus delivering its benefits where it matters most;
  • Propolis is present in this formula in the form of a patented extraction that contains a maximum concentration of both flavonoids and polyphenols. Because it's a powerful antioxidant, Propolis helps mitigate free radical damage and restore vitality to the skin;
  • Lupine extract stimulates collagen production, which in turns improves skin elasticity and contributes to lift and re-firm the facial contours;
  • The APIVITA Queen Bee range contains Greek organic wild rose infusion instead of plain water; this natural ingredient helps boost the antioxidant properties already present in each formula, thanks to its high concentration of polyphenols.