Pharmacy 101

Api Micellar 300ml

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Api Micellar is the cleansing micellar water with rose and honey that removes make-up and impurities from face and eyes in one swift motion while soothing skin. It reduces the cleaning agents effect of irritating components, deactivates exposure to harmful chemicals, binds and removes the smallest particles of makeup and oil from the skin.

The face water maintains the balance of the hydrolipidic membrane of the skin and does not require rinsing. As a result, a product does not dry the skin or irritate the lacrimal glands.

Due to its soft and gentle action, Api Micellar is appropriate for daily cleansing and toning of the skin of the face. On the other side, this micellar water moisturizes the skin on the appropriate level.


Active ingredients:

  • aqua

  • glycerin

  • isopentyldiol

  • poloxamer 184

  • hydroxyethul urea

  • methylchloroisothiazolinone

  • methylisothiazolinone

  • hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid


How to use:

Put some micellar on a cotton pad and wipe the face with it.

To remove eye makeup, apply a cotton pad soaked in the micellar waterb to your closed eyes for a few seconds.


The face water advantages:


  1. May be used for washing the face.

  2. Neutral odor.

  3. Gently removes makeup.

  4. Convenient package.

  5. Does not contain parabens.