Api Hand Honey Speciel Price/18 Promo 50ml*4.4g

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Moisturizing & Nourishing Treatment Set: Hand Cream for Intensive Hydration of rich texture + Bio-Eco Lip Care with Honey

With up to 100% ingredients of natural origin

The set includes:

Intensive Hand Cream Hydrating rich texture with Hyaluronic acid and Honey (50ml)

• Intensive moisturizing cream that maintains the natural moisture of the hands, while at the same time nourishing and protecting the skin.

Moisturizes thanks to the moisturizing complex with hyaluronic acid, organic Aloe Vera juice, organic Greek olive oil and panthenol

• Protects the skin and helps prevent irritation with organic beeswax & shea butter

• Offers antioxidant protection with the patented infusion from the combination of 3 types of organic mountain tea and propolis

Leaves hands soft & velvety thanks to thyme honey, avocado oil and orange essential oil

• It has a rich texture that is easily absorbed without leaving traces of oiliness

• The water has been replaced by an infusion of Greek organic mountain tea with antioxidant action.

Bio-Eco Lip Care with Honey (4.4g):

• Moisturizing Organic Lip Care with ICEA certification. Composition with honey extract and Vitamin E that ensures soft lips. Gives a light feeling. Ideal for dry lips.

• Honey extract provides emollient properties, prevents and restores dry lips.

Olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil and jojoba esters moisturize and soften lips.

• With organic essential oils of orange and geranium that provide additional moisturizing and rejuvenating action.