Api Hair Color 7.7 Hair Dye 50ml

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Nature's hair color

Permanent hair color

  • 100% white hair coverage from first application
  • Offers natural, even, long lasting color
  • Dermatologically tested, it respects the physiology of scalp
  • Rich in organic sunflower & Olive oils & organic honey & rosemary extracts which treat and revitalise hair
  • Creamy smooth texture, with pleasant fragrance
  • Easy to use - does not drip
  • Leave on time : 30 minutes
  • Available in 30 natural shades



How do I choose the right shade?

Start by identifying your current hair color, as this will affect the final result. Your natural hair color is what you see at the roots of your hair, not the ends, which may have a lighter shade.

Then, consider:

  • Is your hair natural or colored?
  • Do you want a shade at the same tone level, lighter or darker than your current hair color?
  • The amount of whites.

If your hair is natural, select a shade that is one tone level lighter or any shade that is darker than your natural color.