Api Ess Sweet Home Orange, Cinnamon, Clove Essential Oil 10ml

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The mixture Sweet Home combines essential oils of orange, cinnamon and cloves to create space in your home a cozy atmosphere.

¦ The orange essential oil has a tonic and sweet flavor known for its ability to enhance mood and fills us with energy. It helps remove stress and has antidepressant properties.
¦ The essential oil of cinnamon has a unique hot and spicy flavor yet offering spiritual uplift and rejuvenate. It has antiseptic properties while at the same time has the ability to warm the atmosphere, especially in winter. Cleans, refreshes and revives the atmosphere.
¦ The clove essential oil also has a warm, spicy fragrance which is woody and slightly bitter. It stimulates memory, helping pooling and removes mental fatigue.

directions for use
Add 3-10 drops Sweet Home in the water contained in the ceramic device. Then light the candle ... and enjoy the scent in your room.
Caution: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep away from children. Do not drink it.