Api Aqua Vita Oily/combination Cream 50ml

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98% natural ingredients Intense Hydration – Rejuvenation – Protection against Premature Ageing. 24h hydration with chaste tree phyto-endorphins in a double vector system with patented propolis extract. It has an instant effect on skin moisture levels while locking in natural moisture. Instant ,long term intensive hydration with 24h action. Revitalizing action for radiance, elasticity and softness. Protection from premature ageing and oxidative stress from environmental pollution. Cream-gel texture, non comedogenic Holistic well being with 100% pure organic Geranium Essential oil. My Pharmacy in Spain would like to stress its moisturizing and revitalizing properties, balances oily skin while acting as an overall tonic for the body and mind. In AQUA VITA, Greek mountain tea infusion is used instead of water to enhance antioxidant action.