Pharmacy 101

Ahava Ligh Foundation Sand

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A light, natural light-toned foundation based on Dead Sea Algae, an ultra-light make-up base that mattes and conceals imperfections due to the Soft Tone technology. With its moisturizing Dead Sea minerals and antioxidant Dunaliella Algae extract, this lightweight foundation is also the perfect solution for daily skin care.


Dead Sea minerals stop aging. They trigger rejuvenating processes in every cell, form a strong "collagen skeleton" and control the energy of the skin. Calcium returns vitality to the integument. It is responsible for cell renewal, improves skin elasticity and prevents stretch marks.


Also, Ahava Ligh Foundation Sand contains sodium is the energy supplier for the skin. This mineral restores the epidermis at the cellular level, restores freshness and creates a lasting positive effect. Sulfur is considered “yellow gold” for clear and beautiful skin. It "monitors" vitamin metabolism, helps build proteins and protects against imperfections.


Active ingredients:

  • water

  • coloring pigments

  • dead sea algae

  • plant extracts

  • cosmetic base

  • minerals


How to use:

Use as a base for make-up.

The cream advantages:


  1. Neutral odor.

  2. Based on Dead Sea minerals.

  3. Allergy tested.

  4. Does not contain parabens.

  5. Made due to newest technologies.