Ahava Compact Clay is a wonderful compact powder enriched with moisturizing Dead Sea minerals and Dunaliella algae extract, rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants. The "soft tone" technology allows the skin to look natural, helps hide wrinkles and other skin imperfections. This shimmering powder in a natural beige tone is perfect for your skin and your complexion.


Active ingredients:

  • talc

  • kaolin

  • moisturizers

  • dead sea algae

  • herbal extracts

  • cosmetic base


How to use:

The cream powder should be applied a little, starting from the middle of the forehead, blending it with light movements.

Ideal for blending in a circular motion.

After applying the product to the forehead, you can move on to the temples, and then to the cheeks and chin.

At the very end, put powder on the nose.

The best is to use a small brush to apply clay to the eye area.


The clay advantages:


  1. Evens out the skin tone

  2. Does not clog pores

  3. Based on natural components

  4. Contains useful minerals

  5. Ideal for soft tone