Aderma Moisturising (Lait Corps Hydratant), Body Lotion, 400ml

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A-Derma Lait Corps Hydratant (A-Derma Moisturizing Body Lotion) for all skin types.
The unique texture and delicate floral fragrance of A-Derma Lait Corps Hydratant lotion refreshes and awakens emotions. The product is easily distributed over the skin, instantly makes it soft, supple and silky. The complex of active ingredients maintains an optimal level of hydration for 24 hours, which prevents dryness and discomfort of fragile, delicate skin of the body. The restored hydrolipidic mantle protects the epidermis from climatic aggressions, inflammation and damage. Moisturizing Body Lotion A-Derma does not leave a greasy or sticky film on the body, which allows you to get dressed immediately after applying it.