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Aderma Lait Apaisant Corps

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French cosmetics A-DERMA is an exclusive development of the dermatological laboratory and the Pierre Fabre company, which made a breakthrough in cosmetology and developed unique cosmetic medicinal preparations based on realba oat milk extract.


Delicious moisturizing body care, A-derma Sensiphase soothing body milk reduces skin sensitivity and strengthens its tolerance to daily aggressions. Composed of Oat Rhéalba oligomers and vitamin E, a complex that decreases the dilation of skin capillaries and reduces the appearance of edemas, this milk envelops the skin in softness and lasting comfort.


Nowadays, caring for sensitive, damaged, atopic skin, which is prone to dryness and irritation, has become an important problem in the modern world, since poor ecology, water, pollution, have reduced the natural functions of the skin for renewal and regeneration. This trend is observed in both adults and children. To solve such skin problems, it is enough to buy A-DERMA cosmetics and use according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Ingredients list:

  • water (aqua)

  • glycerin

  • caprylic/ capric triglyceride

  • isopropyl palmitate

  • propylene glycol

  • C14-22 alcohols

  • dimethicone

  • fragrance (parfum)

  • Avena sativa (oat) kernel extract (Avena sativa kernel extract)

  • benzoic acid

  • C12-20 alkyl glucoside

  • C20-22 alcohols

  • C20-22 alkyl phosphate

  • caprylyl glycol

  • hydroxyethyl acrylate/ sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer

  • polysorbate 60

  • sodium hydroxide

  • sorbitan isostearate

  • squalane

  • xanthan gum


How to use:

Daily, after the shower, apply Aderma Lait Apaisant Corps, massaging gently and paying particular attention to the most sensitive areas, it relaxes the skin and softens it day after day.


The body milk advantages:


  1. Often used for sun care2

  2. Leaves the skin soft

  3. 24-hours action

  4. Prevents the dryness of fragile skin

  5. Pleasant odor