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Aderma Exomega Emolient Cream

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A-Derma presents the excellent Exomega Emollient Cream for atopic skin with Realba oat extract, which is recommended for use in case of symptoms of atopic dermatitis in adults, children and infants. The cream is designed to care for particularly sensitive and irritated skin, which causes discomfort by its manifestations and reactions to adverse environmental factors.


The soft texture of the product intensively and gently moisturizes the skin, giving it a natural feeling of comfort in all conditions. The use of the cream strengthens the protective barrier that resists allergic reactions, reduces the need for corticosteroid therapy, and also helps reduce dry skin and relieve irritation due to the complementary action of Realba oat extract and a complex of essential fatty acids Omega 6 of plant origin.


One of the cream characteristics is the ability to restore the hydrolipid barrier and eliminate dry skin. The essential fatty acids contained in the product provide better adhesion of epidermal cells to each other, allowing to retain moisture.


Ingredients list:

  • water

  • mineral oil cyclomethicone

  • glycerin

  • PEG-12

  • glyceryl stearate

  • enotera oil

  • PEG-100 stearate

  • miret-3 myristate

  • polyacrylamide

  • niacinamide

  • 10-hydroxydecene acid

  • oat sprout Relba extract

  • benzoic acid

  • BGT

  • C 13- 14 isoparaffin

  • chlorphenesin

  • disodium EDTA

  • laureate-7

  • maltodextrin

  • phenoxyethanol

  • triethanolamine


How to use:

Apply to clean skin 2 times a day.

Do not apply on wet and inflamed areas.


The cream advantages:


  1. No tingling

  2. Perfectly moisturizes

  3. Natural odor

  4. Suitable both for children and adults

  5. Effcetive for treating atopic dermatitis