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Aderma Exomega Bath

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The A-Derma Exomega Control Soothing Bath contains innovative treatments that have a profound effect on irritated and dry skin. Due to the special components, it helps treat dermatities and other skin diseases. 


It is important to mention that that A-Derma is a cosmetics, originally from France, positions itself as the pioneer of plant-based dermocosmetics. The vegetable base in their products is represented by Realba oat sprout extract.


A-Derma Exomega Control Soothing Bath has a light brown color; its consistency resembles bath foam or liquid shampoo. It does not contain soap, and has a pleasant neutral odor. It is a moisturizer, especially necessary in the cold season.


The remedy is suitable for babies, children and adults. Therefore, you can safely use this high-quality and safe product. After taking a bath with this product, a person gets the feeling like moisturizing milk has been applied to the skin.


Ingredients list:

  • water

  • glycerin

  • realba oat extract

  • olive oil esters

  • evening primrose extract


How to use:

Dissolve 2 caps of the product in water if you use the remedy for children.

Dissolve 4 capsif you use the remedy for adults.

Take a bath for a few minutes.

Do not rinse.

Dry the skin with a towel without rubbing.


The remedy advantages:


  1. Moiaturises the skin

  2. Gives relieving effects

  3. Compensates for dehydration of the skin

  4. Pleasant odor

  5. May be used by children