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Aderma Epitheliale Duo, Cream, 40ml

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Aderma Epitheliale Duo is the revitalizing cream, which has a synergistic effect: ultra-healing and prevention of the aesthetic defects formation. It stimulates fast skin regeneration, moisturizes, protects, recreates favorable conditions for complete skin regeneration, leaving a feeling of comfort and softness. Provides quick recovery of the skin without wounds, burns, etc., as well as after any surgical, cosmetological and dermatological interventions (laser, peeling, mesotherapy, cryotherapy, microsurgical intervention, etc.). The gel may be used both for children and adults; can be applied to the face and body.


Looking for the best price for Aderma Epitheliale Duo cream? Then use ePharmaCY, a special medical store in Cyprus. Apply the item 1-2 times a day. Use the cream locally or spread it over the entire surface area of the face and body problem areas. Aderma Epitheliale Duo cream is highly recommended for restoring damaged skin.


Ingredients list:

  • cicahyalumide (cicagialumide);

  • L-alanine;

  • oat sprout extract Realba;

  • dipeptide;

  • L-glutamine;

  • hyaluronic acid.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Suitable both for children and adults.

  2. May be applied to the face and body.

  3. The invisible texture is convenient to use.

  4. Does not leave marks.

  5. Dermatologically tested.


Aderma Epitheliale Duo cream is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. It relieves damaged skin and quickly soothes. The item has a convenient application method due to the dispenser. You need only a few minutes to order the Aderma Epitheliale Duo cream at the ePharmaCY. The order will be delivered to any point in Cyprus as soon as possible!