Acriflavine, Solution, 50ml
Acriflavine, Solution, 50ml

Acriflavine, Solution, 50ml

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Acriflavine Solution is the local antiseptic. It is highly effective against the common cold virus and helps to fight the increasingly antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The item is necessary for following basic hand hygiene rules in places where a sink and soap are not available. It is also used for the treatment of infected wounds, with the defeat of skin and mucous membranes by microorganisms. Acriflavine Solution s actively used for disinfection, sterilization and pre-sterilization cleaning. Has a slight odor, quickly decomposes in the external environment into non-toxic products. Does not cause allergicreactions.


Acriflavine Solution will be delivered at any point in Cyprus while ordering at the ePharmaCY store. Pour the required amount of disinfectant liquid onto one palm, so that it is enough to process both brushes. Rub the antiseptic thoroughly between your palms, making sure to clean the surface of your fingers and the spaces between them well. Continue rubbing your hands until the sanitizer is completely absorbed into the skin. In most cases, the process takes up to 5 minutes.


Ingredients list:

  • Acriflavine hydrochloride.


The moisture advantages:

  1. Prevents fungal infection.

  2. Causes antibacterial action.

  3. Effective against the COVID virus.

  4. May be used for personal hygiene.

  5. Convenient package.


Acriflavine causes bactericidal action against gram-positive and sporicidal properties. Does not disturb the lipid balance of the skin in a case of repeated use. The skin retains its protective properties. If you need any other additional details about Acriflavine Solution, please, contact the ePharmaCY customer support team. We work for you in Cyprus!