Acarilbial 200ml, Liquid, 200ml x 30%
Acarilbial 200ml, Liquid, 200ml x 30%

Acarilbial 200ml, Liquid, 200ml x 30%

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Acarilbial liquid is a non-prescription drug, indicated for the treatment of scabies. Benzyl Benzoate is the active substance; one milliliter of skin solution contains 277 mg of benzyl benzoate. Rosemary essence cleanses the skin: it helps to get rid of old scars or stretch marks. Acarilbial liquid is the white emulsion with a specific odor. This medication is used for treating scabies, head lice, or body lice. Scabies is a persistent, itchy rash on the skin caused by a mite. The itching worse after bath and at night. Head lice is a fairly common problem in school-aged children in various regions of the world.


Ordering Acarilbial liquid is possible at the ePharmaCY right now. After taking a hot bath and drying properly, lightly rub the skin of the entire body with cotton wool soaked with the medication, except the face, eyes, mucous membranes and urethral meatus. Let it dry. Repeat the application, let it dry again and get dressed. After 24 to 48 hours, take another shower and change your body and bedclothes. Although in some patients a single treatment is sufficient to obtain a cure, sometimes it is necessary to apply the drug, under the conditions mentioned above, for 2 consecutive days and, eventually, repeat it after an interval of 7 to 10 days.


Ingredients list:

  • glycerol;

  • eugenol;

  • rosemary essence;

  • ethanol;

  • rose essence and oil;

  • essential lavender.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Visible result after the first use.

  2. Acceptable for children.

  3. Convenient package.

  4. May be used for treating skin diseases.


Acarilbial liquid is the antiparasitic agent, based on benzyl benzoate. Special components like rose essence and oil, essential lavender and rosemary essence are added for neutralizing pungent odor. They are also necessary for preventing skin irritation. Want to buy Acarilbial liquid in Cyprus for the best price? The ePharmaCY medical store is the best place for doing that.