Abrisoft Supedry 70x180, 30

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Abrisoft Supedry are the instant wicking diapers. Due to the added superabsorbent, the diapers have a high rate of moisture absorption: the liquid turns into a gel, leaving the surface of the diaper as dry as possible. These items will be needed when changing diapers, taking air baths, or during the massage. Abrisoft Supedry absorbs liquid and does not fold. The waterproof outer layer and sealed edges protect against leaks; fluff cellulose/superabsorbent prevents unpleasant odors. The pads are made of soft noiseless materials and do not slide on the surface. Abri-Soft diapers are available in different sizes and absorbency levels.


Ordering Abrisoft Supedry is possible at the ePharmaCY right now. Using disposable absorbent diapers reduces the risk of infection. The absorbent layer consists of 100% cellulose fiber, without chlorine bleaching and phthalates. The ultra-soft top layer is comfortable for the skin. The non-woven top layer creates the feeling of a fabric cover.


Ingredients list:

  • Abrisoft Supedry diapers.


The diapers advantages:

  1. Prevent leakage.

  2. Prevent unpleasant odors.

  3. EU quality.

  4. Easy to change.

  5. Non-slip surface.


Abrisoft Supedry diapers may be used as an additional anti-drip agent. Useful while treating elderly citizens or bedridden patients. Especially recommended while changing diapers, taking air baths, or during the massage. Want to buy Abrisoft Supedry diapers in Cyprus for the best price? The ePharmaCY medical store is the best place for doing that.