Abri-form M4 Med, Pants, 14

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Abri-form M4 Med pants are invisible under clothing, do not interfere in a case of active movements, do not wrinkle or rub. They can be worn for a long time without causing discomfort, and the super absorbent reliably keeps the unpleasant odor inside. The model is made due to medical standards and does not cause irritation. Abri-form M4 Med pants do not rub the skin, do not restrict movements, do not rustle, or crumple under clothes. High-quality products are securely fixed, patients do not feel them during use. Pantyliners provide reliable protection against leaks as well as the fast absorption of large amounts of liquid.


Choose Abri-form M4 Med pants among other ePharmacy items, and add them to the shopping cart. Wash your hands before opening the package, and taking the pad out. Remove the protective paper strip from the backside. Also, remove stripes from winglets. Press the pad to the panties.


Ingredients list:

  • Abri-form M4 Med pants.


The pants advantages:

  1. Maintain a pH of 5.5 on the surface of the skin, which reduces the risk of flaking, dryness, irritation.

  2. Retention of unpleasant odors.

  3. Reliable fit and anatomical cut.

  4. The three-layer structure of the absorbent cushion.

  5. Comfort during long hours of wearing.


Abri-form M4 Med pants are invisible under clothes, always remain dry. The model has the top layer of twisted cellulose, which reduces and prevents the multiplication of microorganisms. The right choice of hygiene products will ensure wearing comfort. Choose ePharmaCY, the best medical store in Cyprus for buying Abri-form M4 Med pants. We value your time!