Abena Abri-form Premium M3, Pants, 22

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Abri-form Premium M3 pants provide the proven protection for postoperative, sedentary, or bedridden patients with severe urinary and fecal incontinence. Items have 6 absorbent layers, high moisture-repellent sides, extra protection against leaks. The high-quality superabsorbent gel converts liquid and removes unpleasant odors. Soft and stretch side cuffs of the Abri-form Premium M3 pants do not chafe or leave marks even on the most sensitive skin. The precise fit of the diaper to the body guarantees maximum protection against leaks. The micropores of the diaper out layer maintain the natural circulation of air in the diaper and significantly reduce the risk of possible irritation.


Choose Abri-form Premium M3 pants among other ePharmacy items, and add them to the shopping cart. Wash your hands before opening the package, and taking pants out. Fold the item in half lengthwise and stretch into the perineum of the patient lying down. Spread out the diaper from the back and tuck the bottom under the patient. Spread out the upper part and gently turn the patient onto their back or help him to take another position.


Ingredients list:

  • Abri-form Premium M3 pants.


The pants advantages:

  1. Quickly absorb moisture.

  2. Allow skin to breathe.

  3. Special shape provides additional protection.

  4. Prevent unpleasant odors.

  5. Cause antimicrobial and antibacterial action.


Abri-form Premium M3 pants have the unique Top Dry system which provides instant moisture absorption, and the absorbent channels quickly distribute liquid and keep it securely inside the diaper. Elastic reusable fasteners allow to re-fasten the diaper during procedures. A moisture indicator located on the outside of the diaper changes color when wet, so the caregiver will always know when to change the diaper. Choose ePharmaCY, the best medical store in Cyprus for buying Abri-form Premium M3 pants. We value your time!