A.Vogel Vita Force

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Vita Force is produced according to the original recipe of the famous Swiss doctor Alfred Vogel, from pure certified 100% biological ingredients.


By applying a special method of processing and production in completely controlled conditions and with parallel strict quality controls at all stages of the production process (raw materials, intermediate stages, final product) to ensure that the final product retains all its biological nutrients. One step ahead of synthetic vitamin formulas that quite often, according to numerous studies, create nutritional imbalances in the body due to their reduced absorption.


Vita Force consists only of concentrated bioactive natural ingredients of certified biological origin, which are assimilated 100% by the body, providing it with all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, proteins, many minerals and trace elements. Tablets contain B vitamins are essential for the carbohydrates, protein and fat metabolism in food into energy. They also help regulate appetite, promote good vision, and keep skin healthy.



  • malt extract (barley 34.7%)

  • concentrated orange juice (8.7%)

  • maltodextrin

  • honey (6%)

  • concentrated date juice (5%)

  • glucose syrup

  • sea buckthorn

  • pollen extract

  • wheat germ (2%)

  • yeast dough

  • wild rose powder (<1%)

  • potassium sorbate

  • orange aroma

  • natural vitamin E (0.04%)


How to use:

Adults should take 1 tablespoon up to 2 times daily before any meal, plain or dissolved in water or fruit juice.

Children older than three years should take 1 tablespoon once a day.


The remedy advantages:


  1. Effective in treating physical fatigue

  2. Stimulaties mental mood

  3. Deals with exhaustion

  4. Helps to treat atony

  5. Strengthens the immune system

  6. Enhances mental function

  7. Strengthens the body in cases of malnutrition