A.Vogel Vision Complex

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A.Vogel Vision Complex is a dietary supplement with plant ingredients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, gooseberry and zinc, which promote eye health and help maintain normal vision.


Lutein and zeaxanthin from the Marigold plant, are two carotenoids contained in the macula, which is responsible for vision, especially for reading, writing, distinguishing colors and driving at night. Macular degeneration is a disorder that gradually causes loss of central vision and can lead to blindness. Extensive research shows that dietary intake of a lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc can reduce the risk of macular degeneration and also help maintain vision in the elderly.


Gooseberry, due to its anthocyanins, also has benefits for good eyesight and helps improve microcirculation by contributing to good vision function. Dietary supplementation with lutein and zeaxanthin reduces the risk of cataracts, as these two components cause a protective effect against its development.


Ingredients list:

  • Ribes nigrum

  • Marigold mexican

  • Zink

  • Lutein

  • Zeaxanthin


How to use:

Take 1-2 tablets daily.


The remedy advantages:


  1. Gooseberry, carrot, calendula

  2. Lutein, zeaxanthin

  3. Natural source of vitamin A, beta carotene and zink

  4. For healthy eyesight

  5. Reduces the risk of cataracts