A.Vogel Siberian Ginseng

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A.Vogel Siberian Ginseng tincture stimulates the central nervous system, has a tonic, hypertensive and hypoglycemic effect: improves appetite, increases blood pressure, mental and physical performance, stimulates sexual function; reduces general weakness, increased fatigue, drowsiness; reduces cholesterol and blood sugar, activates the adrenal cortex.


Ginseng is widely used in traditional Korean and Chinese medicine. The use of ginseng root is described in numerous ancient treatises. In Asian countries, it has been successfully used to treat various diseases for several thousand years. Ginseng increases physical and mental performance. It is a safe, effective, natural stimulant that rivals caffeine and amphetamines. However, it is mild and therefore does not cause overstimulation.


This plant normalizes the work of all body systems, especially its protective function. Ginseng boosts immunity. Recommended by doctors in the autumn-winter period for the prevention of colds. The studies have shown that ginseng improves the patients’ general condition. Doctors recommend it to people of all ages to eliminate stress, improve mood and sleep.



  • dried roots extracted in alcohol (64% v/v)


How to use:

  1. Adults should mix 20-30 drops with a little water.

  2. Not to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


The remedy advantages:


  1. Effective against stress.

  2. Improves blood circulation and reduces the process of platelet adhesion.

  3. Has antioxidant properties.

  4. Improves overall human health.

  5. Promotes longevity in the case of regular taking.