A.vogel - Dormesan Sleep Drops 50ml

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  1. Vogel Dormeasan is a herbal organic tincture of valerian and hops with hypnotic and sedative action. Hops soothe tension, stress while calming the nervous system. The anxiolytic action of hops also acts on the muscles, relieving them of tension. Valerian causes a relaxing and neurotonic. Helps reduce tension, stress and overstimulation of the nervous system. A. Vogel Dormeasan helps treat insomnia, contributing to natural sleep. Due to the antispasmodic action, valerian helps treat cramps, intestinal colic and period pains, while as an analgesic it is indicated when the pain is associated with tension (eg headaches).


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Committee for Herbal Medicine (HMPC) have approved the use of valerian and hops as traditional herbal remedies to relieve mild stress symptoms and enhance sleep. Valerian root is widely used for treating mild forms of neurasthenia and psychasthenia, in climacteric disorders, vegetative neuroses, neuroses of the cardiovascular system. A. Vogel Dormeasan reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, has a calming effect.


Ingredients list:

  • valerian root tincture
  • ethanol 58%
  • Humulus lupulus L.
  • ethanol 65%


How to use:

The tincture is recommended for adults.

In a case of insomnia mix 25 drops with a little water (optionally honey can be added), half an hour before bedtime.

In a case of stress mix 10-20 drops with a little water, 1 to 2 times a day.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Effective against treating insomnia and anxiety
  2. Helps to relax
  3. Free of lactose and gluten