A. Vogel Calendula

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A. Vogel Calendula causes an astringent action which is beneficial for cleansing the lymphatic tissue. This action is the result of the triterpenoids contained in the plant. The lymph nodes are located around the jaw and neck, in the armpits and around the groin, and in the abdomen. Skin problems in these areas may indicate hypotonic lymph nodes. Calendula has traditionally been used for lymph nodes - abnormally enlarged lymph nodes.


The effect is explained by the enhancement of the proteolytic action of macrophages, where macrophages stimulate the breakdown of substances that may be stagnant in the lymphatic system, impeding lymph flow. This action has been attributed to the esters of a carotenoid, lutein found in calendula.


Calendula is also a cholagogue (increases bile secretion), thus helping to treat swollen and dull lymph nodes. Cleaning and moving the lymph has a positive effect on all skin diseases. The addition of Viola tricolor, with its beneficial effects on the skin, supports this action. Calendula is rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids. The resin it contains makes it suitable for inflammatory diseases of the mouth, throat and upper digestive tract, as well as lymphatic problems. Due to its ability to aid in wound healing and its antiseptic properties, the German Commission E approved its internal and external use for inflammation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa and for ulcers that heal slowly.


Calendula is also an emmenagogue (stimulates blood flow to the pelvic area), which explains why it helps regulate menstrual problems. Nettle has been added to the Calendula Complex to enhance its cleansing effect, as nettle helps the body eliminate uric acid associated with itchy and inflammatory skin reactions.



  • fresh calendula * 50% (Calendula officinalis)

  • fresh wild pansy * 30% (Viola tricolor)

  • fresh nettle 20% (Urtica dioica)


How to use:

Mix 10-20 drops with a small water

Take 2 times a day


The remedy advantages:


  1. Composition with fresh calendula, fresh wild pansy, and fresh nettle

  2. With contraceptive action

  3. Lymphatic system and skin detoxifier