3M Nexcare ColdHot Cold Spray 150ml

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3M Nexcare ColdHot Cold spray is an effective emergency refrigerant spray cooling. The food supplement is recommended for quick pain relief and reduction of edema after limb injury. It is based on menthol which calms the nervous system, improves brain activity, and eliminates headaches. Moreover, 3M Nexcare ColdHot Cold Spray eliminates excess water in the body, prevents vomiting. Due to the quick effects, the remedy is actively used in professional sport. Reduces painful shock, is an effective first aid for bruises and sprains. Promotes instant cooling of the skin, thereby achieving the effect of instant pain relief.


Ordering original 3M Nexcare ColdHot Cold spray is possible at the ePharmaCY store. Shake and spray the aerosol onto the damaged area in a circular motion at a distance of 15 cm. Do not spray on open wounds or near mucous membranes. May be used in a case of muscles and ligaments stretching. The spray is recommended to always have in the first aid kit.


Ingredients list:

  • Parfum;

  • Butane;

  • Menthol;

  • Propane-2-Ol;

  • Myristate d'Isopropyle;

  • Isobutane;

  • Propane.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Instant pain reliever.

  2. Promotes surface cooling.

  3. Suitable as a first-aid treatment.

  4. Reduces inflammation.

  5. Reduces swelling.


3M Nexcare ColdHot Cold spray can be used for treating minor burns. The remedy is the effective first aid tool against bruises and sprains. May be used in sports and in everyday life. 3M Nexcare ColdHot Cold spray is already available for ePharmaCY clients. We promptly carry out delivery to the point in Cyprus.