3 Chenes Dysmecalm in the form of capsules is the food supplement for relieving spasms and reducing pain during menstruation. The remedy is based on natural components: bitter orange tree extract and the horsetail. A quick effect is provided by the active ingredients of the aqueous-alcoholic extract of ginger, pine, myrrh. Besides, these elements have good refreshing and tonic properties. 3 Chenes Dysmecalm contains magnesium, which is required for body energy production, muscle relaxation, and cardiovascular system proper functioning. Raspberry extract refreshes and moisturizes the skin that is also necessary on periods.


DysmeCalm is the first complex due to the research of Les 3 Chênes laboratories, especially for difficult periods. Order 3 Chenes Dysmecalm, the best remedy for cramping during periods at the ePharmacy; the best price on medicines in Cyprus is guaranteed. Take 3 pills in a case of severe menstrual cramps. The supplement cannot be taken while arterial hypotension treatment; not allowed during pregnancy and nursing. The remedy is recommended for adults.


Ingredients list:

  • ginger extract;
  • horsetail;
  • bitter orange;
  • myrrh extract;
  • sea pine extract;
  • raspberry extract;
  • yarrow extract;
  • skullcap extract;
  • magnesium.


Remedy advantages:

  1. Effective ingredients for quick relief. The remedy contains six natural active ingredients and hydro-alcoholic extracts of ginger, maritime pine, and myrrh.
  2. Microelements for the energy balance restoration. They will help restore balance during menstruation.
  3. Reproductive function support. As a result, taking DysmeCalm helps to prevent cancer.
  4. Naturally based. The contained components reduce spasms.



Buy 3 Chenes Dysmecalm in a few clicks with the help of ePharmaCY, Cyprus. You will enjoy the quality of the service. Les 3 CHENES (3C PHARMA) offers products for the well-being and health of the whole family based on natural and organic active ingredients. It also contains magnesium for reducing fatigue. The pain smoothes after the first periods of use.