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3 Chenes Astheplex

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3 Chenes Astheplex food supplement many positive properties that are especially important for athletes. It is an effective remedy that contributes to muscle regeneration, losing fat, and gaining muscle mass. The food supplement contains leucine which activates mTOR protein. 3 Chenes Astheplex improves physical performance even during aerobic physical activity. Also, it increases muscle mass and improves functional performance in elderly people. Moreover, medicine plays an important role in muscle recovery. Useful for maintaining stable blood sugar levels, slowing down muscle damage.


If you need to get all those preferences, order 3 Chenes Astheplex food supplement at the ePharmaCY store. For treatment take 2-3 capsules daily. The recommended course is 10 days. For maintenance take 1 capsule daily. The recommended course is for 1 month.


Ingredients list:

  • L-alanine;

  • L-leucine;

  • L-lysine;

  • L-phenylalanine;

  • L-glutamic acid;

  • Valine;

  • L-aspartic acid;

  • L-glutamic acid;

  • L-serine;

  • L-threonine;

  • L-histidine;

  • L-tryptophan;

  • L-proline;

  • L-glycine;

  • L-arginine;

  • L-tyrosine;

  • L-methionine;

  • L-cysteine;

  • L-methionine;

  • L-isoleucine;

  • L-carnitine;

  • Iron;

  • L-ornithine.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Improves muscle synthesis in the elderly.

  2. Helps reduce weight loss due to malnutrition.

  3. Does not cause serious side effects.

  4. Contributes to fat loss.

  5. Increases muscle weight gain.


The main function of the 3 Chenes Astheplex food supplement is increasing muscle performance. Moreover, the remedy contributes to energy producing and strengthening the immune system. Special components help regulate the blood levels in the blood. 3 Chenes Astheplex food supplement is already available for ePharmaCY clients. We promptly carry out delivery to the point in Cyprus.